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Affordable Solar Solutions & Energy Saving Packages in Florida

Affordability & Savings

With our innovative energy programs, Solar Wired is able to provide affordable energy saving packages. Every package is custom built to deliver the best energy solutions within each client’s needs and budget. Solar Wired focuses on both the generation and conservation of your energy needs.

Our custom energy packages consist of a combination of Solar Photovoltaic panels, attic fans, thermostats, solar hot water systems, window film, LEDs, and much more. Using cutting edge solar technology, we are able to build a scalable system that performs better and lasts longer than the older, traditional systems.

Cost Saving Team

The combination of Solar Energy Technologies and LED creates the perfect cost saving team. Our Lighting solutions cut the energy consumption for our clients by 60 to 80 percent. This decrease in our clients energy draw helps the configuration of the Solar systems that we design. This helps decrease the cost of the Solar system while maintaining the main objective of making every client energy independent. LEDs do not produce any IR heat.

This not only combines their technology, they allow you to combine and stack all the incentives, tax credits, and tax deductions as well. This means additional free money for you or your business, which is the Cost Saving Team’s strongest and most impressive super power.

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