How Does Switching to Solar Affect My Monthly Utility Bills?

One of the main reasons why people consider converting to solar is because of the savings that they will get from it. The perceived savings in monthly utility bills is what makes such a plan very appealing. This now begs the question – how much can you save in monthly utility bills if you do convert to solar?

There are actually many factors that come into play when you are trying to calculate how much money you will save on energy bills with the help of a solar energy system. The amount will depend on:

  • The size of your solar energy system – the more solar panels and batteries you have installed, the more energy you have to use for your home. This can even mean removing any dependence on the energy that is provided by power companies, which can mean zero monthly utility bills.
  • How much energy you use on a daily basis – the amount of energy that you use on a regular basis also has a huge bearing on how much money you save on energy bills with a solar panel. If you use more than what your panels produce, you can expect to still pay for energy consumption even when you already use solar. It will however be lower than what you used to pay when you were totally reliant on the grid.
  • When you use energy – while batteries do help you with energy consumption at night, on very cloudy days, and during stormy weather, when you don’t have enough to use for these instances, you are usually forced to rely on the grid for your energy needs. This will also dictate how much you will be spending on energy bills.

At the current rate of energy costs, and with the usual amount of energy an average American consumes on a monthly basis, those who have solar energy systems, but still use the grid for some of their energy needs, can actually see up to 84% savings on their monthly utility bills. This means if you spend $100 monthly on your energy bills, with your solar energy panel, you end up paying only $16 a month.

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