How to Install Commercial Solar Lighting the Right Way

How to Install Commercial Solar Lighting the Right Way

Switching to commercial solar lighting is a great way to increase your business’s energy savings. However, designing and setting up the lights can be a challenging process. It’s vital that the solar lighting project is carefully planned so that designers and engineers can connect the lights in a neat and orderly fashion to ensure maximum efficiency.

Here are some tips for designing a solar lighting project to make the job easier:

Figure Out the Light Level Requirements of Your City

Before you start installing any commercial solar lighting, you must know the light level requirements of your city. The light level (a.k.a. illuminance) is the amount of light that’s measured in a plane surface or the total flux incident on a surface per unit area. You’ll also want to learn the local building codes and requirements to ensure that you get the proper light level for your project.

If you need help figuring out the light level requirement of your area, you can hire an accredited technician to assist you.

Know the Area of Illumination

Once you know the light level requirements for your project, the next step is to determine the area of illumination. Each lighting fixture emits its own pattern so knowing the type of illumination your property requires will help lighting designers and engineers understand the light level qualifications of the area.

Setting Up the Light Operation Requirements

Typically, standard light operations last from dusk till dawn. However, as lighting technologies and techniques improve, it’s possible for lighting systems to feature dimming or split-time operation. To ensure that your solar lighting can operate in either standard or advanced operations, you have to make sure it’s sized properly to operate the required operation profile.

Speak to Lighting Professionals or Engineers

Remember to regularly talk to the engineer or lighting professional who’s helping you out with this project. The expert will know what wattage fixture is required to correspond with the type of solar lighting you have. They also know the appropriate design patterns to ensure that the lights aren’t oversized and won’t waste energy.

Design and Install the Perfect Solar Lights

Once all the requirements are met and understood, you can begin designing and installing and the commercial solar lights. For help with your project, don't hesitate to contact Solar Wired online or give us a call at 844-210-6030 for help. Our company is your dependable lighting expert in Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa, Florida. We have experience working with all kinds of solar panels, so we can easily install the solar lighting in any part of your commercial property. Plus, you can count on us to provide high-quality backup batteries for superior storage capacity and to prepare for potential power outages.

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