Solar LED Lights for Rural Neighborhoods

Solar LED Lights for Rural Neighborhoods

Lighting rural neighborhoods can be quite the challenge. These areas often have less infrastructure than their urban counterparts, which means that providing access to necessary utilities can be a costly affair. Because lighting is so crucial to the safety and security of a neighborhood, especially at night, many rural areas struggle with the most cost-effective solution.

One potential option is solar energy. Solar energy is one of the oldest forms of environmentally-friendly and sustainable forms of energy, but the adoption of it has been slow due to the high cost of the infrastructure required to harness it.

However, the cost of harnessing the sun’s radiant heat as fuel has been steadily dropping in recent years. We have reached the point that, in many cases, it would actually be cheaper to adopt solar energy to light rural areas than constructing and installing traditional electrical infrastructure.

The Benefits of Solar Energy in Rural Areas

The Benefits of Solar Energy in Rural Areas

Besides the lower cost, using solar energy-powered lighting systems to light up rural neighborhoods has quite a number of added benefits. First is the minimal power draw on the neighborhood’s already existing power grid, as the lights will only come on at night after having been charging all day from the sun.

Second, the components used in the lighting systems – LED technology – are designed to last for an extended period of time with very little maintenance, so the cost to the neighborhood and its constituents is lowered even further.

Finally, there is little ambient lighting in rural areas for the solar LED lighting system to compete with. That means the neighborhood will not require as much lighting as suburban or urban areas usually do.

When we consider all of these benefits, there’s really no reason for rural neighborhoods not to consider and adopt solar LED lighting technology.

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