Commercial Energy Solutions


Commercial Energy Solutions

We believe that Benjamin Franklin’s quote holds true to all aspects of life, but resonates most with business. We have worked with a variety of site conditions, manufacturers, products, and budgets. We understand that each client’s specific energy goal and project budget requires a customized approach to the system design. Project planning and implementation is streamlined with our processes, procedures and experience. We understand the importance of managing the project, so that our clients do not feel the need to neglect their own operational responsibilities to insure the job is completed properly.

As a professional commercial lighting designer, we create value in our packages and products that other renewable energy companies cannot by decreasing project cost and improving your ROI. The lighting solutions that we offer produce better work environments, safer parking lots, and lower utility bills. These solutions paired with our renewable energy packages maximize the incentives, tax rebates and deductions, and ROI. The Dynamic Duo is the name that we have given this cost cutting combination of LED lighting and renewable energy. LED and renewable energy on their own are cost saving heroes, but when they are combined, you truly have something Dynamic.

Benefits of Solar to Business Owners

Creating Clean Energy

Clean solar generates electricity, reduces the need for fossil fuel consumption, and it enables you to put money back into your wallet every month while doing your part to preserve the planet for future generations.

Energy Independence

Reducing dependence on the power company and going off grid has become more affordable and more economically rewarding than it was even a couple of years ago.

Maximizing Savings

Combining energy creation packages along with energy conservation products gives Solar Wired the ability to capture more savings for you than our competitors.

Disaster Planning

We are well aware of the need for portable energy solutions whether it be for planned recreation events or disasters that are unforeseen. We will create a customized system to match your event or survival need.

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Benefits of Solar Wired


The consultation consist of analysis and discussing your energy and lighting needs. Discussing the energy and cost saving goals as well as all the rebates and tax credits and deductions.

Conserving Energy with LED

Our patented LED products allow us to equip you with the tools needed to reduce your energy consumption up to 80%.


Delivery of the Total Energy Solution Package which includes all the product specification, new lighting configurations, project cost, qualifying incentives, project cost, project ROI and financing options.


All energy creation products are handled by our installation teams from delivery to final inspection. The energy conservation products have a variety of installation methods and option to keep the project cost as minimal as possible.


Client satisfaction is the foundation of our company and we strive to make sure every project is manage and completed with excellence. This final step in the project is the most important and contributes to our high customer satisfaction standards that our clients have come to enjoy and expect.

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