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Solar Wired is a company that specializes in renewable and “green” energy solutions, with a focus on solar technologies, alternative lighting solutions, and environmentally friendly back-up power. Our cutting-edge energy creation and energy conservation company aims to not only provide homes and businesses with savings from the use of efficient and economical energy and lighting solutions, but also to provide future generations with a livable planet via our Go Green crusade.

One of our goals is to maximize the investments you make on your home and your business with the help of lighting solutions that provide efficient and brighter living as well as working spaces. As a lighting designer, we also wish to educate companies and private individuals on the merits of using longer lasting options like LED, which produce brighter yet energy saving illumination.

Our Mission and Vision

Solar Wired hopes to help the planet and future generations by promoting the use of renewable energy sources, like solar energy. While doing so, we intend to conduct ourselves with the utmost efficiency and integrity, ensuring that our clients get the most affordable systems that will give them what they need. We also aim to focus on customer service and in giving clients the best possible experience, with the help of the continued training and skill development of our personnel in handling, installing, and maintaining new as well as existing products.

One of our key visions is to aid our clients in maximizing ROI through the use of renewable, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources.

Solutions for Saving the Planet While Saving Money at the Same Time

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We also intend to raise awareness globally on the plight of the planet and what solutions can be had for it without reducing company profits. This is done by showing that using clean and renewable energy sources can actually be more beneficial to your business as well as the planet in the long run.

Aside from giving future generations a cleaner and greener planet, our energy and lighting solutions are also aimed at giving you maximum savings. Whether you are a resident looking to get off the grid or a company aiming to reduce overhead costs, we have the perfect solution to your energy and lighting requirements. All our offerings are tailor-made to provide you with cost-effective and environmentally sound options for home, office, and more.

To find out what we can do for you and/or your company, do not hesitate to call us at 844-210-6030. You can also fill out our contact form with your questions and contact information, and we will get back to you as soon as we can with answers to your queries.

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