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Keeping parking lots properly illuminated is necessary not just for the sake of vehicular safety, but also for the safety of those who own these vehicles. It is also mandated by the law that parking lots need to have ample illumination, apart from the other basic features that parking facilities need to have for compliance.

When it comes to the safety of individuals in your parking lots, you need to be aware that if an accident occurs in this part of your facility due to the lack of ample lighting, you can find yourself being sued. When someone gets into a slip and fall accident due to the lack of lighting in your parking facility, it is considered your responsibility. Having enough lights to illuminate this part of your business is important not just for the safety of those who use your parking lot but also to keep your company from accident lawsuits.

Of course, keeping a parking lot properly illuminated may cost quite a bit, not just in terms of the number of lights that you need to have installed, but also in terms of energy consumption. When it comes to parking lots, the requirement is 1 footcandle average illumination overall. This means that the brightness of your parking lot lighting has to be at an illumination that is equivalent to the brightness of one candle one foot away.

This kind of requirement can easily mean a lot of lights for your parking lot, which translates to huge electricity bills for your business. You can actually reduce your parking lot lighting costs by making the right choice in efficient and cost-effective lighting, and the best choice is always solar powered LED parking lot lights. Solar powered LED lights are not only a great choice in terms of compliant parking lot illumination, but are also a great way to reduce your electricity bills.

Not only will you find that your energy consumption decreases with the use of solar powered LED lights for your parking lots, but you will also find that these actually save you a lot of money in the long run. LED bulbs last longer than traditional incandescent or halogen lights. The use of solar energy to power these lamps are also an environmentally friendly option, making these more than just an economical choice.

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