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For many years, stadiums have been illuminated by metal halide lighting, and this saw the overhead costs of these sports venues skyrocketing. Lately however, a lot of stadiums have seen the benefit of using alternative lighting solutions like LED, and this has cut their operating costs quite a bit. No matter what kind of sport that a stadium is built for, the use of LED for stadium lighting is fast becoming the norm and this is for a number of very good reasons.

How do LED lights help cut the overhead costs of stadiums everywhere? For starters, these lights consume less energy than conventional stadium lights. Aside from the lower energy consumption, LED lights also have a number of other qualities that make it the better choice when compared with metal halide lights.

When you do a head-to-head comparison of these two stadium lighting options, you will find that LED is indeed the better choice. Turning these lights on and off will show you just how efficient and better this choice is, since these illuminate your stadium instantaneously whereas metal halide lighting takes about 15 to 30 minutes to get to full illumination. It also produces a brightness that does not flicker.

Also worth noting is that LED lights do not emit harmful rays like infrared and ultra-violet rays, which metal halide does. Metal halide stadium lights need to have filters added to the bulbs in order to prevent such harmful emissions from going into the stadium’s atmosphere, which would result in the fading of painted surfaces, or sunburns. LED also emits very little to almost no heat when compared to its lighting counterpart, which emits quite a bit of heat.

What stadium operators love most about using this alternative lighting choice is the fact that these are low maintenance lighting options that last a very long time even without constant maintenance. These bulbs are known to last around 100,000 hours before needing replacements, while metal halide bulbs last a maximum of 15,000 hours.

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