Commercial Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems in Orlando and The Villages, FL

One of the biggest overhead costs that companies encounter is energy consumption. It has been said that companies spend around 22% of their total budget on electric bills. This can actually be eliminated from your overhead costs with the help of solar panels and the use of solar energy, especially in commercial buildings.

The system that is used to generate electricity is called a photovoltaic system. This is a system that has no moving parts but can produce enough electricity for your company’s needs with the use of the sun's rays. Not only will you be able to operate equipment, machinery, and lighting with the use of the sun’s power, you can do so without having to worry about power outages.

Tax Incentives for Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems

Aside from helping save you money on electric bills and helping your business continue operating even when power outages occur, solar energy systems in Florida also come with one other perk - tax exemptions. If your company chooses to purchase a solar energy system, you will be paying 0% sales tax, which basically means that your purchase is tax exempt.

Apart from tax exemptions, you will also find that there are other programs that the government has for those who use solar energy, and these include incentive programs like corporate tax credits and net metering incentives. The former is a tax incentive that encourages companies to sell the surplus energy generated by their renewable energy source to others for tax credits.  

Net metering means that utility companies credit the customer for the difference (net) between consumption and generation of power, with the excess power generated being fed back into the power company's grid, thereby allowing it to be sold to other customers. This incentive program encourages solar energy users to sell surplus energy for credits, which if left unused for 12 months, can be paid for by the said company at an avoided cost rate. Regardless of which incentive program your company chooses, you will end up with surplus profit due to your use of solar power.

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