Disaster Planning

Disaster Planning in Orlando and The Villages, FL

You never know when disasters will happen and warnings will be issued for impending disasters.  Nor can you predict what kind of damage these will bring to your home. More often than not, these calamities result in power outages which can make your life very trying and truly miserable. A good thing to consider is backup power for your home so you are prepared when these disasters strike. An even better option is to switch to solar power altogether.

There are a number of very good reasons why having backup power in the event of a disaster is a must:

  • Medical Backups – Whether someone in your home requires medical equipment to be running 24/7, or you need to have your medical equipment ready to use at any given time, having backup power is crucial. Planning to have backup power during disasters will help ensure that these critical devices will indeed be functional when power outages occur due to storms and other calamitous situations.
  • Residential Comfort – One thing that you will certainly experience when power outages occur as a result of natural disasters is discomfort. This can be avoided if you install backup power long before these disasters strike, and disaster planning is exactly what you need to do. With backup energy sources like solar panels and battery backups, you can be sure that food spoilage and hot, humid homes will not be part of what you experience after these disasters.

Solar Wired has everything you need to help avoid the problems associated with power outages. We have solar power systems, backup battery systems, and able-bodied experts to help you determine what kind of disaster-ready system is ideal for your home.

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You can also opt to combine both solar energy systems and back-up batteries, which will make you independent of commercial energy providers.  You may even enjoy tax cuts by reselling the excess energy that you make from your solar power system back to the power companies. You won’t have to suffer through the storms that pass through the state regularly, nor will you need to worry about power outages that are a result of these occurrences when you have these solar energy solutions from Solar Wired.

Contact us today at 844-210-6030 to find out more about our backup systems and solar energy options. You can also choose to complete our contact form on this page with your information and your inquiry.  We will respond as quickly as possible.

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