Medical Backups in Orlando and The Villages, FL

In Florida, as elsewhere in the country, there are homes that have crucial medical equipment on hand and operating regularly to help with the needs of the residents. Equipment like nebulizers, oxygen generators and CPAP machines operate with the use of electricity. Those who are dependent on medical equipment for their continued wellbeing at home should ensure that even when power outages occur during disasters, these devices can still be used.

This is where medical energy backup systems are needed. Equipment that is in your home for health assistance and are dependent on electricity to keep them operational require what is called a UPS or uninterrupted power supply. If the medical equipment that is being used in your home does not need to run all the time but will still need electricity to be useful, what you will need is a backup power source for when power outages happen.

For both instances, backup batteries and solar power are your best options. Both of these choices can provide answers to your energy needs even when there is a power outage during disasters like storms and floods. This is possible because neither are dependent on the grid for their energy. Solar panels get their power from the sun and back-up batteries have stored energy that can be used when power is out. Solar Wired has both of these options for your medical back-up needs. We also have the personnel to install these systems, acquaint you with their use, and help with maintenance needs.

Solar power and backup batteries can also work in conjunction with one another to provide you with a constant supply of electricity, should the power outage be a prolonged one. Your solar panels can be hooked up to your backup batteries in order to store surplus solar energy for use at night. You can even become completely independent of commercial energy sources by combinig solar panels with battery backups.

While some people may say that you can also use fuel operated generators for your backup power needs, why would you want to when a more economical and environmentally friendly option is available? Not only will you spend a lot of money on the fuel needed to continuously operate a generator, you will also pollute the air with toxic fumes. This is why the best choice for medical backups during disasters such as hurricanes, storms, or floods are solar panels and battery backups.

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Solar Wired can help you with your backup power needs so that when disasters occur, you will not have to worry about finding an energy source for your home medical equipment. To find out how we can assist you with these, contact us today at 844-210-6030 and we will gladly walk you through the many options you have for backup power and home disaster planning energy needs. You can also choose to complete our contact form with your information and queries and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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