Attic Fans in Orlando and The Villages, FL

Attic Fans in Orlando and The Villages, FL

Keeping your home cool during the day, and even at night during the hottest days of the year, is often done with the help of insulation and air conditioning. However, there are times when the heat inside the house is too much for your AC to handle and insulation may not be enough to keep the heat out on those exceptionally hot days. This is where the use of attic fans comes in handy.

Attic fans help dissipate the heat within homes by sucking and blowing the heat out. Since hot air rises, these fans will be more effective when placed in an area where hot air gathers, such as the attic. These exhaust fans help keep temperatures in homes cooler thereby making air conditioning units function more effectively.

These fans are not on all the time though, as some may assume. They have thermostats that measure the heat in the home and turn on automatically to release the excess heat when it reaches a specific temperature. This ensures that heat will dissipate from inside your home efficiently.

The thermostat feature prevents the fans from running unnecessarily and sucking out any cold air when there is not sufficient heat present, which also helps you save on electricity. However, you can go one step further and employ an attic fan that is not only useful in cooling down the inside of your home, but also does not increase your energy consumption. These are solar attic fans.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans help keep homes cooler during even the hottest days of the year, doing so through the use of the power of the sun. These fans have their own solar cells that convert the rays of the sun into usable energy which then powers these fans on.

Not only do you get an effective hot air exhaust system that helps you reduce energy costs through the removal of hot air from your home.  You also get one that does not need to be plugged in since it uses its own sun-derived energy to do so.

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