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Solar Window Film Windows are a great addition to any home.  They providee great views of the world outside and allow the sun to shine its natural light into your home. Unfortunately for some, picture windows and even framed windows that have clear large panes of glass can cause more problems than expected. Aside from the heat that can penetrate through the glass and cause temperatures within a home to increase uncomfortably, these windows can also present issues with privacy and the fading of home furnishings and decor due to too much sunlight.

Benefits of Solar Window Film

This is where solar window film comes in handy. Solar window films have quite a long list of benefits for homeowners to enjoy without obstructing the great views that their windows offer. Included in the benefits of using solar window film in your home are:

  • Lower cooling costs by as much as 50% - When your home is exposed to the heat of the sun via your windows, your air-conditioning units will need to work twice as hard to keep your interior cool. Installing window film or tint to keep the heat of the sun out can help your AC work more effectively, thereby reducing energy costs associated with running your AC system at higher fan speeds for longer periods of time.
  • Reduce glare and increase privacy – While the film is not necessarily one-way, it can still increase the amount of privacy you have inside your home by giving outsiders a more restricted view of its residents and contents. Window film also lets in just enough sunlight for brightness without the usual glare associated with it.
  • Protect furniture and artwork from fading – With the UV protection of window film, you can be confident that even when the sun shines brightly into your home, your artwork and furnishings will not fade or dry out.

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  • Protect your family from broken glass – Accidents happen and having broken window glass all around can result in serious injuries. Protecting your windows with safety window film will help ensure that when storms, accidents, and other unforeseen events occur that break your glass windows, they will be held together safely.

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