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You may not be aware of this, but the windows in your home could actually be causing your electricity bills to rise. By replacing your current windows with energy-efficient models, you can save on energy consumption, which also puts money back into your wallet.

What Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Let us first understand what energy inefficient windows are. Windows that are not considered efficient when it comes to saving energy are those that allow too much heat and sunlight in. Windows that are not properly installed or have cracks in the frames allow hot air to seep in and cold air-conditioned air to leak out, making them inefficient windows when it comes to energy saving.

Conversely, windows that are considered energy efficient help a home stay cool during even the hottest days of the year. They can also help keep lighting costs down by letting enough sunlight in during the day without heating your interior, thereby negating the need to ever turn on lights during the day. Most old homes have windows that are not considered energy efficient. Window replacement is a better option for increasing home energy efficiency than simply updating existing windows in an attempt to meet these demands.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right windows to use in place of your old ones. Air-leakage rates, energy performance ratings, and home design elements should be examined when choosing the right replacement windows. Other considerations include: the type of window frames needed, the kind of glazing or film to add to your windows, and the orientation of the windows in your home.  All of these play an important role in the effectiveness and efficiency of your overall energy-savings package.

Solar Wired has the expertise, equipment, materials and the personnel to help you with your professional window replacement needs. We specialize in energy savings and home energy efficiency services, allowing us to install the best and most energy-efficient replacement windows in your home.  At Solar Wired, we can help you reduce your energy consumption by a huge percentage with the right window replacements and other energy saving innovations.

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