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Did you know that solar panels are not only used to generate clean and renewable electricity for homes and offices? Solar panels are actually used for more than just your energy needs, and one additional use and benefit you can gain from using solar for your home or your office is the availability of hot water. Yes, hot water is accessible without needing to use extra energy to power up a water heater with the use of solar arrays and panels.

Another reason why you should greatly consider converting to solar is the ability of such a system to produce hot water for your homes with the use of the same kinds of panels that produce clean energy for it. Domestic hot water can now be obtained without the need for electrical units that heat up water for home use. All you need is a solar thermal system that effectively heats up your water, without the added energy costs that other water heating systems generate.

Solar thermal hot water heating systems can heat up the water you need for bathing, dishwashing, and laundry with help from the sun. The water that is heated doesn't need additional energy for it to heat up, and is instead warmed by the help of the sun’s rays. The water that passes through the solar panels used in a thermal system is then coursed through to a holding tank that keeps the water warm until it is needed.

Another benefit that you can get from heating water up with the use of solar heaters is you can heat up as much water as you want without worrying about huge electricity bills. Now, you can enjoy having heated water in your swimming pools, and without having the huge energy payments usually associated with it. Your hot tubs will no longer be considered a luxury that you can only use once in a while. With solar thermal energy systems from Solar Wired, you can enjoy a good soak in hot water anytime you want.

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Solar Wired is the company to trust when you are looking for a solar thermal system for your home. We have the right equipment, highly-skilled staff, and the expertise to not only install your solar thermal systems, but to also help you decide on which one is best for your home. Now you won’t have to suffer huge electricity bills to enjoy a hot shower every day or to fill your pool with heated water.

We will help you eliminate skyrocketing electricity bills by not only offering you solar powered water heating systems, but also hybrid systems that can generate electricity for the rest of your home as well. Solar Wired has the right system for your specific needs. To find out which system best suits your home water heating and energy requirements, contact us at 844-210-6030 today! You can also fill out our contact form for other questions and inquiries.

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